Projects in Chile

Since 1989, between CLT and our sister foundation Conservacion Patagonica, nearly 1,400,000 acres of land in Chile have been purchased for conservation, and several large-scale parks have been created.

Pumalín Park, a vast tract of 756,000 acres in Palena Province, has secured national Nature Sanctuary status. Also in Palena, the dramatic Corcovado National Park of 760,000 acres was created in 2005, making it the fourth largest national park in the country. Additionally, large conservation landholdings on Tierra del Fuego are slated for donation, which would enlarge the Padre Agostini National Park and, ideally, make a transboundary park with Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego National Park. In the Magallanes Region, 65,000 acres are being readied for donation to create a national park on Isla Riesco.